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Fencing Products and Materials

We proudly serve the entirety of the Okanagan Valley and the scenic Similkameen region with premium fencing solutions tailored specifically for vineyards and agricultural customers. Our extensive range of products encompasses everything from sturdy fence posts to durable steel components, designed to meet the unique needs of agricultural operations in this vibrant and fertile landscape. Whether you're a small family vineyard or a large-scale agricultural enterprise, we have the products you need to protect your crops, enhance security, and maximize productivity.

Our selection of fence posts includes a variety of materials such as wood, steel, and composite, each meticulously crafted to provide reliable support and longevity. Whether you're constructing a trellising system for your grapevines or delineating property boundaries, our fence posts offer the durability and stability required for agricultural applications.


In addition, our steel products, including barbed wire, smooth wire, deer fence wire and cable anchors provide robust solutions for securing your vineyard or agricultural land against wildlife intrusion and unauthorized access.

Fencing Posts and Rails


Fencing Wire and Steel Products

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